Sforzando Leonbergers K Litter

K Litter

April 3, 2020
CH Mandolin Trails Fire on the Mountain x Sforzando's Intermezzo in One


Raleigh and Mezzo had two boys and five girls. Katie has gone to live with her dad and the other kids have won over the hearts and minds of their families. A very smart, loving bunch! 

Sforzando Leobergers J Litter, Leonberger Puppy Portrail

J Litter

October 2, 2017
CH Mandolin Trails Fire on the Mountain x GCH CH Sforzando's Fioritura


A perfect split with four boys and four girls, many of which have had success in the show ring. Jammie and Basie (2nd and 5th puppy from the left) have stayed with the Townsends. 

Sforzando'sIntermezzo in One, Leonberge and Beagle puppy.

I Litter

June 27, 2016

GCH CH Copeland's American Attitude di Sforzando x CH Sforzando's Entr'Acte Virtuoso. 

Our second Leonberger singleton, Mezzo, who was raised with three orphaned beagles. Obie has stuck around as her "little brother" and is one cool, little fella. 

Sforzando Leonbergers H Litter, Leonberger puppies in Straw

H Litter

August 4, 2015
LCA CH Darius von Alpensee X GCH CH Sforzando's Fioritura

Four boys and two sweet girls from a frozen semen breeding with the incredible Darius. Bing hangs around and is an exemplary example of Leonberger type and temperament.


Sforzando Leonbeger Puppies, G Litter

G Litter

June 28, 2013
GCH CH Teberru von Alpensee x GCH CH Brubeck's Take 5 di Sforzando

A couplet! Gus (left) and Marshall (right) and living very happy lives in South Carolina and Texas. They were the easiest going puppies on the planet.

Sforzando Leonberger Puppies, F Litter, Lenberger Puppies on a Boat.

 F Litter

July 8, 2012 
GCH CH Teberru von Alpensee x GCH CH Brubeck's Take 5 di Sforzando

 Fio and Fenway were born! "Brubeck" was the number one Leonberger in 2009, the first female Leonberger to become a Grand Champion, the first BBE Group One winner in the breed, and had multiple Group placements. "Behru" has won multiple Best In Specialty Shows including BISS at the 2010 Leonberger National Specialty. 

Sforzando Leonberger Puppy Portrait, Sleeping Leonberger Puppis

D & E Litter

March 24 & 26, 2011
LCA CH Nika von Alpensee x CH Cherrywood's Lion Sleeps Tonight

GCH CH Brubeck's Take 5 di Sforzando x CH Muerfy von Alpensee

Trac joined us as a singleton and six sweet Fiki puppies went out into the world. 

Sleepy Leonberger Puppies, Sforzando Leonbegers C Litter

C Litter

June 12, 2009
LCA CH Attitude for Me by Providence x LCA CH Nika von Alpensee

GCH CH Teberru von Alpensee x GCH CH Brubeck's Take 5 di Sforzando

Eight boys and two girls certainly made our hands full. The fabulous Copeland, GCH CH Copeland's American Attitude di Sforzando,  joined our lives from this interesting mix of lines.  

Leonberger Puppies, Professional Portrait, Sforzando Leonbergers B Litter

B Litter

March 12, 2008
CH Cherrywoods Lion Sleeps Tonight x LCA CH Nika von Alpensee

Ika and Rafiki  produced five beautiful Leonberger girls and two handsome Leonberger boys. The unmistakable Brubeck, GCH CH Brubecks Take 5 di Sforzando, joined us from this incredible crew.

Leonbeger Puppies.

A Litter

June 15, 2004
LCA CH ForeverGreens Gaea x LCA CH Mountain Vista's Ancho

One tough little girl hanging out with three big boys. All went to fabulous homes and taught us so much as very young Leonberger breeders. Thank you Adam, Avery, Brahms, and Ms. America.