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Getting Involved in Leos

You can start small and get BIG!

Leonberger with small dog.

Leos can be your ticket to all sorts of hobbies. From conformation showing to athletic competitions to traditional dog activities such as cart pulling, barn hunting, and coursing, Leos can be your ticket to all sorts of fun activities. They also fit well into outdoor hobbies like hiking, geocaching, and reading books by the lake.

To get more formally involved, we recommend joining a club or two. The Townsends enjoy being members of the Alamance Kennel Club, Carolina Working Group Association, the Mid-Atlantic Leonberger Club of Virginia, and the Tarheel Leonberger Club. 

Join the Club!

Looking for another club? The AKC has a great search tool that can help you find the club that's in your neck of the woods.

The Big Events

Tarheel Logo.jpg

Victory Lane Leos

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Victory Lane Leos takes place at the end of May/beginning of June in beautiful Concord, NC. There are four big specialties each year.

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Leonberger Triple Crown

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With 300-400 entries, the Leonberger Triple Crown is often the largest Leonberger event in the country. Live band, huge BBQ, and a sea of Leos.

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Victory Lane Working Specialties

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The Carolina Working Group does back-to-back working group specialties at the end of May/beginning of June in Concord, NC. It's an absolute blast.

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