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Leonbergers aren't for everyone!

Leonberger destruction door

Photo courtesy of  Petra Havlíková

Leos are GREAT, but with the plush fur comes tons of shedding. With the giant heart comes a shortened life expectancy. With their great size comes destructive power. Leonbergers are great dogs for a family who can incorporate them into their lives, providing proper training, socialization, exercise, diet, and veterinary care. They demand lots of attention and investment! For many families with complex lives, a Golden Retriever or similar breed is a better choice. We are happy to discuss the merits and drawbacks of the Leo compared to other breeds. Leonbergers are not perfect, they're just the perfect choice for us.   

If you decide after much thought that the Leonberger is the breed for you, Susan and I are very happy to help you get the puppy that will fit best for your home, needs, and lifestyle. We can also connect you to a reputable breeder who takes their role very seriously.

We take deposits from approved homes for puppies shortly after they are born. To become an approved home, we need to receive a Puppy Interest Questionnaire and get to know you. Our Leos are our family and we want them to go to a great home as much as you want to get them from a great breeder and great parents. We do conformation and puppy temperament evaluations when puppies are seven weeks old and place them into homes where both the needs of the family and the needs of the puppy are best met. We are happy to answer your questions.

Sforzando Leonberger Puppies
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