Sforzando Leonbergers

A proven history of quality, family Leonbergers. 

Welcome to our home on the web. We are proud of our public accomplishments in the show ring, but our greatest accomplishment has been the quality, family companionship our Leonbergers have provided our extended Leo family over the years. Leonbergers aren't for everyone, but for families who can fit a Leonberger into their life and home, they can make a loving, entertaining, family member. Please take some time to explore the menus above or drop us a note below. Thanks for visiting!

~Matt and Susan


©2019 Sforzando Kennels, LLC is a family kennel in the Piedmont of North Carolina dedicated to producing beautiful, sound, and healthy Leonbergers with strong presence of body and mind.  We strive to produce Leonbergers who can thrive anywhere from the couch to the show ring and contribute as a loving and balanced family member wherever they go.